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About Us

In 2021, SpeedyRecon was founded as an international company specializing in the sale of car parts. Through our efforts, we have developed a distinctive service that caters to the global market, providing efficient sale and delivery of spare parts.

--- Aureliyan, CEO SpeedyRecon


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About Us

About SpeedyRecon

Starting in 2021, we have been delivering top-notch products in the automotive industry, with a focus on remanufacturing, supplying, and servicing diesel fuel injections, as well as offering a wide range of vehicle parts and accessories, from light beacons to tow bars. Our team at SpeedyRecon prioritizes customer satisfaction, providing exceptional service from our sales, mechanical, and technical staff, which has earned us a leading position in the industry. We are committed to providing our customers with the best available products at an unbeatable value, offering a price match on all like-for-like goods sold both in-store and online.

Our History

Maher Bustiuc founded SpeedyRecon in Camberley, UK in 2021, initially trading in the diesel fuel engineering market. Over time, the company established itself as a leading specialist in diesel fuel injections. In the early 2020s, SpeedyRecon had two buildings in Greater Camberley: one for diesel engineering and the other for diesel fuel injections. However, due to a recession and the 3-day work week, the business struggled and lost its market leader position.

Under new leadership, SpeedyRecon relocated from Camberley Road to Nuttall Street, Old Trafford, where the company invested heavily in cutting-edge equipment to stay ahead of competitors in the fuel injection industry. Following their success in diesel fuel injection, SpeedyRecon expanded their offerings to include batteries, headlamps, starters, and alternators, achieving great success.