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SpeedyRecon is an international company with 30 years of history selling parts for cars. During our work we managed to create a unique service for the sale and delivery of spare parts around the world.
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About Us

About SpeedyRecon

Since 1958, we have been distributing an outstanding QUALITY of products in the automotive market - specialising in the remanufacture, supply and servicing of diesel fuel injections and automotive vehicle parts and accessories, from light beacons to tow bars. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of every sale, excellent SERVICE provided by the sales, mechanical and technical members of the SpeedyRecon team make us the leader in the industry.We believe in giving our customers the best products available to market at an unbeaten VALUE - we offer a price match on all products sold in store and online on all like for like goods.

Our History

The original owner of SpeedyRecon, Percy Frederick Jones, founded the company on July 28th 1958 in Manchester. Under the management of the original SpeedyRecon, the business traded within the diesel fuel engineering market and progressed to become a leading specialist in diesel fuel injections.

In the early 1980's, SpeedyRecon operated from two buildings in Greater Manchester on Cornbrook Road, one building for diesel engineering and the other for diesel fuel injections. Unfortunately, due to the recession and 3 day week, the business struggled in the market and fell from the position of market leader. In an effort to save the company, the new managing director Raye Brookes, Percy Jones' daughter, closed the engineering building to focus on diesel fuel injection.

In 1986 Les Bailey began work at SpeedyRecon under Raye Brookes, originally as a workshop manager/ director - he saw the potential of the company and believed that he could change the fortunes of PF Jones and turn the company back into a strong market leader.

After 2 years, Les Bailey acquired a business loan from Barclays Bank and purchased SpeedyRecon outright from the previous directors. With the support of his loving wife, he took the risk of taking on a new business venture, fortunately, his risk paid off and under his management and entrepreneurial direction, SpeedyRecon soon become a leading name in the fuel injection industry.

In the initial few years of the new market leader SpeedyRecon, the business outgrew the building on Cornbrook Road and moved to a new of SpeedyRecon on Nuttall Street, Old Trafford, where they remain to this day. Les Bailey invested heavily in the latest state of the art equipment to keep ahead of competitors and to remain one of the market leaders in the fuel injection industry.

After making their mark on the diesel fuel injection industry, SpeedyRecon expanded into other automotive parts and accessories including batteries, headlamps, starters and alternators to see much success. The next step for Les was to expand further.

Atlas Auto (Est. 1949) specialised in auto electrics and tow bars, in particular were a small distributor of tow bar manufacturer Witter Towbars. Due to their excellent reputation and connections in the auto electrics and tow bar industry, entrepreneur Les Bailey bought this company to take under the brand SpeedyRecon.